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Why use Seeing the Light Event Photography?

More than a vendor, we are your team member! Seeing the Light Event Photography has been the photography supplier for some of the elite businesses in the US such as Cisco Systems, Genentech, Applied Materials and Franklin Templeton Investments.  We partner with event coordinators to capture extraordinary images for their clients. We also feature our onsite print and social media systems for immediate results. 

We translate all these experiences as your team member to accomplish your objectives.

What Makes Us Different?

Photography for onsite printing, social media upload, parties, green screen,

conventions, conferences and corporate communications.

Seeing the Light Event Photography has recently reached its 20th year in business.  

We specialize in photojournalism-style coverage of conventions,  conferences, press assignments, social events and more. We invite you to read on to learn what makes our work unique in this field.


Choosing a photographer – Why Seeing the Light Event Photography?

All successful events build a human experience around a theme or branding. Seeing the Light Event Photography is raising the bar on event photography by capturing the human experience through world-class photojournalism.  I have spent nearly 30 years in the photojournalism field working for newspapers before launching the event business in 1997. With superb images of your event, you can sustain your presence with customers through great moments around your brand.

Are not all photographers the same?

Emphatically No! Photography is a skill-set, not a commodity. The vast difference between photographers is technical know-how, perspective with experience, and having the right equipment on hand. These three fundamentals allow your photographer to successfully execute great images in every situation.

Network across America.

We have a network from coast to coast with great photographers that practice the same techniques that we

do at Photo Dynamics. If you need someone near you,  just let us know and we'll put you in touch

with someone who will carry your vision to the final product.

How is Seeing the Light Event Photography Different?

Experience. Plain and simple.  The result is a HUGE difference that makes our work stand out above the competition. It is effectively like having two photographers onsite instead of one.